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Bio Stretch gel 

Innovative soak off gel for natural nails and delicate nail extension. Nails with Bio Stretch gel are strong and flexible, unique gel system gives clents the option to have beautiful gel polish durable at least 3 weeks isn't depending on their nail plate type and lifestyle choices. Bio Stretch gel allows to natural nails "breathe" and helps prevent nails from drying out and damage, the gel strengthens soft nails and gives the possibility to grow long nails.

Nails with Bio Stretch gel are faultlessly beautiful, smooth like a mirror with no damage to health.

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     Gel system for natural nail:

Strong gel

  • Sealing gel. Last layer in gel application over Color gel
  • Upper arch correction over a layer of Clear gel, Color or Glossy gel
  • Gel extension
  • Self-leveling, doesn’t need buffing.

Glossy gel

  • Unique multifunctional gel
  • Perfect base gel for soft, damaged natural nails
  • Makes weak nails healthy and strong
  • Can be used as a last layer – finish gloss- over Strong gel

Clear gel

  • First layer. Flexible upper arch
  • Provides flexibility to the natural nail and better adhesion for the following layers
  • Self-leveling, doesn’t need buffing
  • Extremely low odor
  • Applied without primers and bonders

Color gels

  • No chip nail color
  • Perfectly for nail art
  • Applied over a first layer of Clear build or Glossy gel
  • Rich colors are in two layers

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Gel Remover

Easily and safely removes gel application in 10 minutes without damage to the natural nail.

Nail Cleaner

Perfectly prepares the natural nail before gel application with no excessive buffing or damage to the natural nail.


Protein base

Multi-functional base coat that strengthen soft nail.
Can be used before gel application for easy removal.


These square #2, #4 sable-hair gel brushes are the ultimate brushes for a neat, thin and tidy application.

Brush №2

Brush №4


BSG 48W Hybrid CCFL Lamp

      48W High quality nail curing ccfl lamp:

  • Present 10, 30, 60 second timer on/off
  • Cure both led gels and UV gels fast in seconds
  • Ergonomic design to save table space
  • The light has consistent and good performance with life span of 50 000 hours limited warranty